SEGA Games Co., Ltd.

Historical Events



    • The company moves to Tokyo, Japan.

    May, 1952:

    • The name "SErvice GAmes of Japan" is registered.


    • Rosen Enterprises, Inc. and Service Games merge in 1965 to become Sega Enterprises.


    • The company is purchased by Gulf and Western Industries.


    • The company releases its first video game console: the SG-1000 and also the first laserdisc game.


    • The company is bought by CSK and renamed Sega Enterprises Ltd., headquartered it in Japan.
    • Hit by the video game crash of 1983, Gulf & Western sells the U.S. assets of Sega to Bally Manufacturing Corporation. The Japanese assets of Sega were purchased for $38 million by a group of investors led by David Rosen and Hayao Nakayama. Rosen became the head of the American subsidiary in the United States and Nakayama became the new CEO.



    • All the R&D Divisions are separated from the main company and established as semi-autonomous subsidiaries.
    • The company name is changed from SEGA Enterprises Ltd. to SEGA Corporation.


    • The company discontinues the Dreamcast and ends its run as a video game hardware manufacturer.

    Aug, 2003:

    Oct, 2004:

    Jan 25, 2005:

    Dec 31, 2014:

    Apr 01, 2015:

    • SEGA Corporation changes its name to SEGA Games Co,, Ltd.
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