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SEGA Interactive Development Division


Interactive Designs was a game development studio founded by Rod and Nancy Nakamoto in California (US) in 1984.

For nearly a decade, Interactive Designs developed games for clients including Electronic Arts, Activision, Sierra On-Line, Data East, Cinemaware, Capcom, NEC, SEGA of America, Disney and many others. They developed titles such as RoboCop (Apple II), Commando (Apple II), Ikari Warriors (PC), Victory Road (PC), Cabal (PC), Super Hang-On (PC), Power Drift (PC), Seven Cities of Gold (PC - new version), Defender of the Crown (PC), TaleSpin (TurboGrafix, Genesis) and many others.

In 1992 SEGA of America acquired the studio and it then lived on as SEGA Interactive Development Division.

Also Known As

  • Interactive Designs (from 1984 to 1992)


Contact Address (1988):

Interactive Designs
2453 W.228th Street
Torrance, CA 90501

Phone: (213) 530-1832

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