SEGA Wow Inc.


SEGA WOW Inc. was a development subsidiary of SEGA based in Shibuya, Tokyo. It was established on October 1, 2003 through the merger of Wow Entertainment (previously SEGA AM1) and Overworks (previously SEGA AM7).

The company was originally headed by Rikiya Nakagawa, who had previously been the head of Wow Entertainment, then by Kazunari Tsukamoto after Nakagawa's departure for Sammy. After less than a year in existence, the company was merged back into SEGA itself on July 1, 2004. Within Sega, Staff continues to operate as the first arcade division, AM1, and the third consumer R&D division Sega CS3 today. Notable members today include within these studios include Atsushi Seimiya, Yasuhiro Nishiyama within AM1, and Akira Nishino, Shuntaro Tanaka and Yosuke Okunari within CS3.

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