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Selectsoft Publishing is one of the largest independent publishers of licensed educational and family entertainment software from top-brand publishers. By selecting the "best of published software" Selectsoft Publishing has licensed popular backlist and new release CD-ROM software from major publishers. With over 500 Licensed Titles and our enormous list of Name-Brands, Selectsoft Publishing "selects the BEST of software"--with the best CD-ROM titles and the BEST Selection.

"We Select the BEST of Software and PRICE it RIGHT!"

Our parent company, MPS Multimedia, Inc., has been in the CD-ROM software business since 1992 which was the very start of the CD-ROM Multimedia industry. As a veteran in this industry, you can trust that Selectsoft Publishing indeed "selects the best of software." With attention to detail, Selectsoft design packaging is among the best of top-brand publishers. Selectsoft Publishing has also created a state-of-art technical support site to support our Selectsoft Licensed Products.

Founded in 2001, Selectsoft Publishing is a division of MPS Multimedia Inc., a privately-held CD-ROM software distributor in business since 1992 with offices based in South San Francisco, CA.

Selectsoft is a registered trademark of Selectsoft Publishing.



Drop Zone: Under Fire(2012)
101 Pinball World(2012)
1001 BlockBusters(2011)
101 Dolphin Pets(2011)
101 Shark Pets(2010)
1001 Crystal Mazes Collection(2010)
101 MiniGolf World(2010)
Bicycle Old Maid(2010)
Bicycle Hearts(2010)
Bicycle Gin Rummy(2010)
Bicycle Solitaire(2010)
Bicycle Skat(2010)
Dark Parables: Curse of Briar Rose(2010)
Bicycle Crazy 8's(2010)
Bicycle Texas Hold 'em Poker(2010)
Bicycle Blackjack(2010)
Bicycle Go Fish(2010)
Bicycle Canasta(2010)
Bicycle War(2010)
Bicycle Rummy(2010)
Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove(2010)
Bicycle Totally Fun Card Games(2010)
Betty Boop: Picture Perfect(2009)
333,000 Games(2009)
Betty Boop: Diamond Adventures(2009)
Betty Boop: Super Sweets(2009)
Betty Boop: Sweetheart Solitaire(2009)
2002 Pentamino Puzzles(2008)
1000 Games: Volume 3(2008)
Club Vegas Blackjack(2008)
Britannica Quiz Show(2008)
Goldrush Klondike(2008)
Chicken Freeze!(2007)
Virtual Vegas Slots 3003(2007)
Texas Hold’em Real Limit Edition(2006)
10,000 Games(2006)
Ultraman: Power Fighter(2006)
Ultraman: The Ultimate Fighting(2006)
Ultraman: Little Adventure(2006)
Foosball Champ 3D(2006)
1001 Tangram Puzzles (2006)
1001 Minigolf Challenge(2006)
King Solomon's Lost Mines(2006)
Puzzle & Board XP Championship(2006)
Pressure Pop!(2006)
Four Up(2006)
Gomoku Deluxe(2006)
LEGO Racers(2005)
Sudoku Mania!(2005)

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