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Green Valley Publishing released some games for pre-Macintosh Apple II, IIC and IIE on 5 1/4" diskettes marked with bright labels of aluminum foil.

One disc (ZAG-0587-3.5) was named 'Chess Champion' and contained two games, Chess and Cribbage, the last one being a rudimentary card game which I never managed to understand.

Another (ZAG-0583-3.5) was called 'Lady Luck' and had 'Towers of Hanoi' and 'Casino' on it. The first one was a very simple puzzle game, Casino was rudimentary blackjack.

I clearly remember loading of Chess (the only one I played seriously) took several minutes on my Apple IIC. Graphics were monochrome (green) and each turn took at least 10 seconds to be completed. It wasn't very Kasparov either, because I managed to win often - and I'm a louse chess player.

Both games were released in 1985 and had the name and logo (a flatend globe) of ShareData on it and a disclaimer (Green Valley Publishing. A division of ShareData Inc., Minneapolis, MN 55344)

The manual was basic ("SOFTWARE OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS turn off machine *insert in diskdrive* Turn on Machine". You had to do this quite a few times because the Apple II was notorious for stalling while loading.

Contributed on Nov 18, 2007 by d entaku (1)