Tecmo, initially a supplier of cleaning equipment and now best known for Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive, was founded on this day in 1967!

ShareData, Inc.


Green Valley Publishing released some games for pre-Macintosh Apple II, IIC and IIE on 5 1/4" diskettes marked with bright labels of aluminum foil.

One disc (ZAG-0587-3.5) was named 'Chess Champion' and contained two games, Chess and Cribbage, the last one being a rudimentary card game which I never managed to understand.

Another (ZAG-0583-3.5) was called 'Lady Luck' and had 'Towers of Hanoi' and 'Casino' on it. The first one was a very simple puzzle game, Casino was rudimentary blackjack.

I clearly remember loading of Chess (the only one I played seriously) took several minutes on my Apple IIC. Graphics were monochrome (green) and each turn took at least 10 seconds to be completed. It wasn't very Kasparov either, because I managed to win often - and I'm a louse chess player.

Both games were released in 1985 and had the name and logo (a flatend globe) of ShareData on it and a disclaimer (Green Valley Publishing. A division of ShareData Inc., Minneapolis, MN 55344)

The manual was basic ("SOFTWARE OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS turn off machine *insert in diskdrive* Turn on Machine". You had to do this quite a few times because the Apple II was notorious for stalling while loading.

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