Softdisk Publishing

Historical Events


    • Founded in 1981 by Jim Mangham, Judi Mangham and Al Vekovius.
    • Publishes its first monthly software subscription "Softdisk" for Apple II computers. This subscription program ended in the fall of 1995.


    • Rolls out a monthly software subscription called "Loadstar" for Commodore 64 computers. (Now a separate company.)


    • Starts a monthly software subscription for IBM PC compatible computers called "Big Blue Disk" (renamed "On Disk Monthly" in 1991 and "Softdisk PC" in 1993; ended in 1998).


    • Establishes a Macintosh software subscription called "Diskworld" (renamed "Softdisk for Mac" in 1993; ended in 1998).


    • Adds two more software subscriptions to its lineup -- "Softdisk G-S" for Apple IIgs computers (no longer published) and "Loadstar 128 Quarterly" for Commodore 128 computers (now published by a separate company).


    • Launches its first online software store on the PRODIGY service with over 40 titles -- all available for instant purchase and download.


    • Begins a new monthly Windows subscription -- "Softdisk for Windows." (Ended in 1999.)
    • Expands its online software store concept to America Online, CompuServe, and GEnie.


    • Sets up a web server and begins to offer local Internet access, web page and multimedia presentation design services, web page maintenance services, and free links with the Softdisk sponsored Shreveport/Bossier Page (the first site on the Internet to offer information about northwestern Louisiana, and still the leading such site).
    • Opens a Macintosh software store on the eWorld online service.


    • Launches an Internet software download store with both download and mail-order catalog sections.
    • Begins issuing Windows, DOS, and Macintosh software subscriptions on CD-ROM in addition to floppy-disk versions. CD-ROM versions have additional animations and demo software.


    • Releases Screen Saver Studio, a program allowing users to create their own screen savers with no programming skill required.


    • Builds intranets and extranets for companies and organizations; a new and growing market.
    • Launches the SPYS Program (Softdisk Pays Your Site), which lets anyone with a web site earn money from referred sales in the Softdisk download store.
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