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Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ/SCE Japan Studio) is the Japanese production and development arm of the parent company Sony Computer Entertainment Incorporated (SCEI). Considered by the parent company as its "founding" studio, it was established in November 1993. The studio employs over 400 people and is located in Tokyo.

Most of its actions fall under the domain of the parent company, but many games developed in Japan by Sony Computer Entertainment and its affiliated developers carry credits for SCEJ.

In 2009 it is part of the SCE Worldwide Studios group.

Also Known As

  • Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (from 1993 to Apr 01, 2016)


LocoRoco: Remastered(2017)
PaRappa the Rapper: Remastered(2017)
Gravity Rush 2(2017)
Last Guardian, The(2016)
Gravity Rush: Remastered(2016)
Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines(2015)
Freedom Wars(2014)
Last of Us: Remastered, The(2014)
Soul Sacrifice: Delta(2014)
Mugen Souls Z(2014)
Killzone: Shadow Fall(2014)
PlayStation 4 (included games)(2013)
Knack's Quest(2013)
Mugen Souls(2013)
Soul Sacrifice(2013)
Tokyo Jungle(2012)
Arc the Lad(2012)
Gravity Rush(2012)
God of War: Chains of Olympus(2011)
God of War: Ghost of Sparta(2011)
White Knight Chronicles II(2011)
Resistance 3(2011)
PlayStation Move: Ape Escape(2011)
God of War II(2011)
Patapon 3(2011)
echochrome ii(2010)
KungFu Rider(2010)
Love Cupid(2010)
Finger Connection(2010)
One Two Boat Racing(2010)
Pinball Duel(2010)
Music Quiz(2010)
Pile Up! Bakery(2010)
Homerun Hitters(2010)
Legend of Kunoichi(2010)
Eye of Judgment: Legends, The(2010)
Heavy Rain(2010)
White Knight Chronicles: International Edition(2010)
LocoRoco: Midnight Carnival(2009)
SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1(2009)
Trash Panic(2009)
Patapon 2(2009)
Demon's Souls(2009)

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