Spectrum Holobyte, Inc.

Historical Events

    Nov 01, 1983:

    • Company was incorporated as a computer software publishing company specializing in graphics.

    Jan, 1984:

    • They began business, co-founded by Phillip Adam, who served as President until Dec. 1990.


    • SPHERE, INC. was formed with the merger of Spectrum HoloByte and Nexa Corporation.



    • The company acquires SimTex Inc.
    • The company partners with FASA Corporation in a multiyear, multifaceted agreement, which included development, publishing and distribution rights for interactive titles for personal computers and next generation machines.


    • Consolidated all of its products under the MicroProse banner.

    Oct 15, 1996:

    • The company signs an agreement with Sony Signatures Film and Television Licensing to develop several games based on the movie Starship Troopers.



    • The development studio in Alameda is closed.
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