Sun Corporation


SunSoft (サンソフト) is a Japanese video game developer based in Kōnan, Aichi. It was founded on April 16, 1971, as part of the electronics company Sun Denshi Corporation. The company debuted with two arcade titles: Block Challenger and Block Perfect, both released in 1978. In the second half of the 1980's they began focusing on home console games.

SunSoft was renowned for its technologically advanced games for the NES, as well as undertaking sub-contract developing for other companies. After their glory days in the 8/16-bit era, Sunsoft now mainly develops mobile games (notably shanghai games), pachinko simulations for consoles and classics compilations in the SunSoft Memorial Series.

On Septemer 14, 2006 Nintendo announced a partnership with SunSoft concerning Wii Virtual Console releases. In December 10, 2009, SunSoft acquired the rights to the entire game library of Telenet Japan.

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