Sylum Entertainment Ltd.


The company's first game, Curly's Adventure, remained unreleased. Soon after founding Sylum Entertainment, they started working on this point-and-click adventure game. The game was originally written for MS-DOS and used a resolution of 320x200, but they were forced to rewrite it for Windows 95 after one year of development, so it was redone in 640x480.

In 1997, Epic MegaGames stepped back as a publisher, but the team continued working on the game until October 1999, when they finally gave up finding a new publisher and put the game on hold. A lot of artwork was complete, but it remained largely unfinished. For instance, the engine was not quite stable and there were no voice-overs yet. The company released an old demo of the game two years later, just to show the potential.

Contributed on Jan 05, 2006 by Sciere (478755)