Telltale, Inc.

Historical Events

    Oct 01, 2004:

    • Company founded

    Sep, 2005:

    • The company acquires the rights to work on a Sam & Max title. The original creator Steve Purcell, now working for Pixar, will also be involved. The rights were picked up as LucasArts cancelled the game Sam & Max: Freelance Police in 2004.

    Aug, 2006:

    • After two episodes in the Bone series, the company announces to temporarily put the remaining episodes on hold until the first six-game season of the Sam & Max episodic series has been completed.

    May 05, 2010:

    • Telltale created a pilot program, that explored other gameplay and storytelling that could eventually be incorporated into their episodic games.

    Jun, 2010:

    • Telltale announced that they had secured licenses with NBC Universal to develop two game series based on Back to the Future and Jurassic Park.
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