Telltale, Inc.

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  • Telltale, Inc. (official website)
  • Appletell returns to Monkey Island (An interview between the Mac oriented news site Appletell, Telltale's CEO and founder Dan Connors, and designer/programmer Mark Darin, about the development and release of the company's games on the Macintosh platform, particularly regarding Tales of Monkey Island. The interview is presented both as a textual transcription and as a more extensive YouTube video (Feb. 11th, 2010).)
  • A Visit to Telltale Games (Information about the company, as well as the episodic Sam & Max series, in the Wired Game|Life section.)
  • Telltale Games Tells All (An exclusive interview between Mac oriented podcast iGame Radio and Telltale Games' Matt Darin, Will Armstrong, and Chris Schmidt about the decision to port its library to the Macintosh platform and the porting process itself. As Tales of Monkey Island was the only series ported at the time of the interview, particular focus is payed to it (Feb. 13th, 2010).)