Teque London Ltd.


Teque London was a game development studio based in the UK and a sister company to Teque Software Development Ltd. The two companies worked independently, but also collaborated on projects until about 1991, when Teque London split off to continue on its own.

In 1993 principals of Teque London were Tony Love and Barry Costas. The company moved to East London and had an office in Bow. In 1994 they moved to Greenwich, South East London, UK. The studio was very active between 1992 and 1994 and just like the original Teque that became Krisalis Software, it was specialized in audio and provided a sound driver that was used in games by other studios.

Teque London acquired Interactive Entertainment Ltd. which became its publishing arm. In February 1999 it was announced that, through a share swap agreement, the directors of Teque had become principals in Midas Interactive Entertainment BV. Teque would provide the Midas development insight but would continue to focus on the creation of driving games after creating Power F1 and World Tour Racing both in 1997. No further games were developed however as Midas continued publishing games by other studios.

The formation of Interactive Entertainment Development Studios based in Greenwich, London was announced by Midas in November 1999 and was probably comprised of former Teque London employees. No games were released however and the studio soon dissolved.

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