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Tewi Verlag GmbH was a book and software publisher and distributor founded in 1977 and located in Munich, Germany.

The company was acquired by SoftKey International, Inc. in July 1995. As part of SoftKey International, tewi concentrated on developing products from SoftKey's other companies for distribution in Germany.

When SoftKey International Inc. changed its name to The Learning Company, Inc. in October 1996, it also changed the name of this company to TLC Tewi Verlag GmbH. This name was used until at least May 1999. Since The Learning Company, Inc. in its entirety was sold to the Gore Technology Group in October 2000, it is possible that TLC Tewi Verlag was part of that deal. However, no records have been found as to the final fate of the company.

Also Known As

  • TLC Tewi Verlag GmbH (from Oct, 1996 to May, 1999) -- last known company name


Szenario Heaven für Age of Empires(1998)
Grand Prix 2: Expansion Set - Volume 2(1998)
Shakii the Wolf(1998)
Levels & Add-Ons für Warcraft II: Volume 2(1997)
5.000 Levels & Add-Ons für Warcraft II(1997)
Command Missions Vol. 2(1997)
Diabolic: Tools & Add-Ons für Diablo(1997)
More Sim Cities(1997)
Oh no! - More Creatures(1997)
Szenarios & Maps für Civilization II(1997)
Wanted: Levels & Add-Ons fuer Outlaws(1997)
Levels & Add-Ons für X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter(1997)
Grand Prix 2: Expansion Set(1997)
Come Get Some!: Levels & Add-Ons für DN 3D(1996)
Angst: Rahz's Revenge(1996)
Game Levels & Co.(1996)
Command Missions(1996)
Adventures: Shadows of Cairn / Dominus(1996)
Levels & Add-Ons für Warcraft II(1995)


Company location (1996 - 1999):

TLC Tewi Verlag GmbH
Riesstrasse 25/Haus D
D-80992 München
Website: www.tewi.de

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