Tivola Publishing, Inc.


Tivola is a German based company with offices in New York, London and Berlin. They produce a wide range of innovative interactive CD Roms that stimulate a child's curiousity, while encouraging smart play.

The company has developed six distinct categories of software: Play and Learn, The World Around Us, Quest for Knowledge, Stories and Adventures, Crimes and Clues, and Games for Fun.

Tivola develops books and story games on CD Rom, and all titles are simultaneously produced in English so that they can be understood by potential international licensees. The software is produced for both the PC and the Apple platforms.

Also Known As

  • Tivola International, LLC
  • Tivola Interactive Media, LLC (from 2010 to present)


Contact address (June, 2010):

Tivola Interactive Media, LLC
580 Broadway / Suite 305
New York, NY 10012

Phone: 212 431 4420 ext.204
Fax: 212 431 8444

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