Topo Soft


Topo Soft was one of the most professional Spanish companies in the 8-bit era, in special since the incorporation of Gabriel Nieto to its directive in 1988. During the years from 1987 to 1992, they developed a great number of games for Spectrum, MSX and Amstrad CPC computers, most of them best sellers (Emilio Butragueño Fútbol, a soccer game, sold 100,000 copies in Spain alone). It was also, next to Dinamic, the company with most significant international distribution and visibility. Their biggest success Mad Mix Game (a Pac-Man gaming style adapted wisely to current times), was used by Pepsi for a competition in Japan (this was an incredible feat for Spanish software), and they even won Gremlins 2 royalties after a stiff competition with the major software companies.

Unfortunately, Topo Soft, as with most Spanish companies, disappeared with the arrival of 16-bit computers. They did for some time develop some games for Amiga, Atari ST and PC, though.

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