Tose Co., Ltd.

Historical Events

    Nov 01, 1979:

    • Company founded.

    Apr, 1983:

    • Tose changes its direction towards development of games for home computers.

    Apr, 1984:

    • Tose starts development of Famicom games.

    Apr, 1988:

    • As part of Tose's rapid expansion, the development centre in Ōmiya, Shimokyō-ku, Kyoto, is founded.

    Apr, 1990:

    • Tose broadens its platform support to include Nintendo's Game Boy and Super Famicom.

    May, 1991:

    Apr, 1993:

    Nov, 1993:

    Jan, 2000:

    • In order to strengthen its abilities in the domain of mobile phone applications as well as WWW development and operation, Tose funds Japan Data Frontier, turning it into its own subsidiary. Data Frontier is reorganised into T-net Co., Ltd..

    Mar, 2000:

    Mar, 2003:

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