Tower Studios Ltd.


Tower Studios is a London, UK based developer of games, founded by industry veterans Jon Hare, Mike Montgomery and John Phillips on 4th June 2004. 2005 they rewrote two Sensible Software games to work on mobile phones: Sensible Soccer and Cannon Fodder.

In 2006 the company released British Lions Rugby 7s. In 2009, Jon Hare took sole control of the company. In 2009, Me Motes Messenger, a messaging app, was developed with Atomic Planet for a U.S. publisher. In 2010, Tower released Vivid Games title Shoot to Kill on iOS. In 2011-2013 Speedball 2 Evolution, a modern version of the Bitmap Brothers' classic futuristic sports title, developed by Vivid Games was released on iOS, Android, Steam and Playstation.

In 2014 Word Explorer, a world-exploring word game and Jon Hare's first original design to be published in 20 years was released on iOS and PC. In 2016-2017, Tower toured Sociable Soccer, its football title for mobile, PC, console & VR, around European venues including the London Science Museum.

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