tri-Crescendo Inc.


Tri-Crecendo was founded in 1999 by Hiroya Hatsushiba. They are financed by Namco Bandai (originally Namco). Their first few games were basically to provide the sound engineering and compositions for tri-Ace, the company Hatsushiba worked for before he founded this one.

Tri-Crescendo began working together with Monolith Software to develop the game Baten Kaitos, which was one of the best sellers for the Nintendo GameCube.

They still work with Monolith Software and do the sound for tri-Ace's games. They employ freelance video game music composer Motoi Sakuraba to compose their games, as him and Hiroya Hatsushiba have worked together on many video game projects together since they worked at Wolf Team.

Contributed by Scott G (794) on Nov 04, 2006.