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Tt Games Publishing Ltd.


The company was founded in 2004 as Giant Interactive Entertainment Ltd. Based in Beaconsfield, England, it was established by Managing Director Tom Stone and Head of Production, Jonathan Smith. The studio published computer and video games for young gamers and their families.

They were entrusted with the LEGO license and secured an agreement with Lucasfilm to make use of the Star Wars characters. The company then commissioned Traveller's Tales to develop the first LEGO Star Wars.

In 2005, around the release of the game, the company merged with Traveller's Tales to form TT Games Ltd., where Giant currently operates as the publishing division TT Games Publishing Ltd.

Although the company was acquired by Warner Bros. in 2007, TT Games Publishing continues to operate using its own name and staff. Nowadays, the company also still exists as Giant Interactive Ltd.

Also Known As

  • Giant Interactive Entertainment, Ltd. (from 2004 to 2005)


Company contact information and location (2011):

Park House
Kidwells Park Drive

Company contact information and location (2008):

TT Games Publishing
Woodlea House
Wymers Wood Road
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 01628 666 134
URL: www.ttgames.com

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