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U.S. Gold Ltd.


U.S. Gold Ltd.'s phone number at Holford Way, Birmingham, UK is 0121 606 1800

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This is the same address that Kixx used to occupy.

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Location in October 1995:

US Gold Ltd.
Units 2&3 Holford Way, Holford
Birmingham B6 7AX

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The cassette versions of US Gold's games had a very characteristic loading screen (loading games from cassette usually took several minutes): the computer would play synthesized renderings of The Star-Spangled Banner, Yankee Doodle, and Dixie's Land repeatedly, in that order, until the loading of the game finished and gameplay could commence. While playing the music the screen would display a countdown of the remaining number of "blocks" to be loaded, along with a scrolling line of text advertising other US Gold games, existing as well as upcoming ones.

Source: Wikipedia

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