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Valve Corporation is an entertainment software company founded in 1996 by Gabe Newell and Mike Harrington in Kirkland, Washington. They were both previously with Microsoft. Valve's debut product, Half-Life, released in November 1998, has won more than 50 Game of the Year honors worldwide.

In September 2003 the company launched the digital distribution platform Steam, which has become the market leader in the online distribution of PC titles. All the company's titles run on the in-house developed Source engine, introduced in 2004.

In November 2012 the company acquired Star Filled Studios.

Also Known As

  • Valve L.L.C. (from 1996 to 2003)


Shining Resonance Refrain(2018)
Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy(2018)
LEGO The Incredibles(2018)
Conan Exiles: The Imperial East Pack(2018)
Dungeon Defenders II: Classic Pack(2018)
Vive le Roi 2(2018)
Dungeon Defenders II: Supporter Pack(2018)
Dungeon Defenders II: Definitive Pack(2018)
Dungeon Defenders II: Jumpstart Pack(2018)
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege - Pro League Kapkan Set(2018)
Rocksmith: All-new 2014 Edition - Radiohead: No Surprises(2018)
Rocksmith: All-new 2014 Edition - Radiohead Song Pack II(2018)
Rocksmith: All-new 2014 Edition - Radiohead: Street Spirit (Fade Out)(2018)
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege - Pro League Lesion Set(2018)
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege - Pro League Capitao Set(2018)
PixelJunk Monsters 2: Encore Pack(2018)
Anima: Gate of Memories - The Nameless Chronicles(2018)
Rocksmith: All-new 2014 Edition - Radiohead: There There(2018)
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege - Pro League Echo Set(2018)
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle - Yang(2018)
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle - Jubei, Aegis, Carmine(2018)
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle - Hakumen, Naoto, Vatista(2018)
Myths of the World: Of Fiends and Fairies (Collector's Edition)(2018)
Rocket League: Jurassic World Car Pack(2018)
Oik 4(2018)
Sword of the Guardian(2018)
Blueprint Word(2018)
Sea of Lies: Tide of Treachery (Collector's Edition)(2018)
XXX Puzzle(2018)
Dirt Bike Insanity(2018)
Don't Starve Together: All Survivors Gorge Chest(2018)
Train Simulator: GWR 1000 Class 'County Class'(2018)
Preventive Strike(2018)
Melting World Online(2018)
Sea of Lies Collection(2018)
Don't Starve Together: Gorge Belongings Chest(2018)
Natural Selection II: Shadow Onos(2018)
Cuisine Royale(2018)
Russian Fishing 4(2018)
Sky Noon(2018)
Wars of Succession(2018)
Heliborne: Chinese Camouflage Pack(2018)
Train Simulator: Longhai Railway: Lingbao - Mianchi Route(2018)
Masters of Puzzle: Desolation(2018)
Budget Cuts(2018)
Sudden Strike 4: Finland - Winter Storm(2018)
Football Girls: Dream Team(2018)

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The German online magazine 4Players named Valve as #2 Best Developer of 2007 and Best Developer of 2011.

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