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Location in June 1996:

Viacom NewMedia
1515 Broadway
New-York, NY 10036

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Viacom Merger Means Job Losses

Up to 70 jobs could be lost as a result of Viacom New Media's merger with Virgin Interactive Entertainment

September 26, 1996 -- Virgin, part of the sprawling Viacom empire, will take over the management and administration of VNM's products at the start of 1997. VNM's management office in New York is set to be closed. Viacom says positions are being sought for the employees there, although a maximum of 70 people could lose their jobs.

Viacom will continue publishing its games through the rest of 1996. They include titles such as Aeon Flux, Star Trek Voyager, SlamScape and DeathDrome. Once management moves to Virgin, the products will still be labelled as Viacom New Media games through 1997. Viacom's Chicago office, which employs over 100 programming and creative staff, will be retained.

The company says the move has been made in order to rationalize its videogame operations and, ultimately, to save costs. Virgin is owned by Spelling Entertainment of which Viacom owns a 77 per cent share.

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