Vmax Flight Systems, Inc.


Vmax Flight Systems started out as AETI, but changed name when it was incorporated in 2001, manufacturing and distributing both commercial and desktop flight simulator products until in 2008 the company was split into two; VMAX Flight LLC, who catered to the home market of flight simulators, and VMAX Aero System who dealt with the commercial simulators used in the aviation market.

Also Known As

  • Applied Emergent Technologies Int. (from 1996 to 2001) -- AETI was the original name of the company, until it was incorporated in 2001 - the name change intended to associate better with their products. After this time AETI was kept as a trade name only. (Note: the exact year of AETI's formation is uncertain, but it should be early '90s, according to Martin Arant of Vmax Aero.)


747-200 Ready for Pushback(2004)


Address in 2004:
Vmax Flight Systems, Inc
5853 Atlanta Highway - PMB 242
Montgomery, Alabama 36117
Voice (334) 514-8391 , USA and Canada 866-514-8391
Fax (334) 514-8370
Email: [email protected]

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