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Windmill Software was a game development company that developed games for the IBM PC in the early 80's. Windmill games were programmed with a strong underlying knowledge of the hardware, and many of them used that knowledge to produce enhanced colors or sound.

Windmill software is based in Canada and run by Jo-Anne Kempe. They no longer publish games, but now specialize in software for property management systems and custom management information systems (MIS) software.

Windmill published at least six games in 1983 and 1984: "Moonbugs", "The Exterminator", "Styx", "Digger", "Conquest" and "Rollo and the Brush Brothers," also "Floppy Frenzy" (1982) and "Video Trek 88."


Rollo and the Brush Brothers(1984)
Moon Bugs(1983)
Exterminator, The(1983)
Attack On Altair(1983)
Video Trek 88(1982)
Floppy Frenzy(1982)


Contact Information (2007):

Windmill Software Inc.
365 Evans Ave, Suite 504
Toronto, Ontario, M8Z 1K2

  • 877-363-9679 Toll-free
  • 416-201-7624 Toronto

    Fax: 416-201-7080

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