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The Story of Wizards of the Coast

Beyond the shores of imagination lies the Emerald City of Seattle, a perfect training ground for wizards. Here, you'll believe in the impossible when you see giant birds of steel learning to fly and mermaids of java on every corner. Here, the sun shines only for those who have cultivated the art of patience.

Just outside of Seattle is a little town called Renton, where the "Wizards of the Coast" work and practice and play. Each wizard has a magical story to tell, for the miles of yellow brick roads that brought them to the Emerald City are crooked and rocky ones. But the wizards' favorite story of all is the one about the great wizard Peter and his friends, who never gave up on their dream to make magic, and who taught the rest of us to believe.

One night in the small college town of Walla Walla, Washington, four friends gathered, as they often did, to talk and play games. On this particular night, however, a dream was planted in their hearts when one of the friends suggested that they make games of their very own. Not just any games, but the finest games around. They even came up with a name for their game company, so sure that their dream would someday come true. They would call themselves Wizards of the Coast.

Several years later, a circle of eager wizards had gathered under the name Wizards of the Coast. The wizard Peter had met a game-maker and mathematician wizard named Richard and magic happened. The wizards created a game that would come to be loved by thousands of people and it would also make the wizards' dreams come true.

Dragons and samurai aligned with the wizards in 1997 to create the largest adventure game company in the world. In fact, the wizards became so popular that Mr. Potato Head and his friends at Hasbro, Inc. asked the wizards to join their family. Currently, the wizards develop and publish trading card games, tabletop roleplaying games, novels, magazines, family card and board games, and electronic media products. The wizards have many friends, including relationships with Warner Bros., Lucasfilm, and Marvel Comics.

Magic is still made every day at Wizards of the Coast, for if we have learned anything at all, it is this: when people with dreams and diligence get together, anything is possible.

Source: Selected articles from Wizards of the Coast Official Website - Company - What is Wizards of the Coast?


Also Known As

  • Wizards of the Coast, Inc.


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Temple of Elemental Evil: A Classic Greyhawk Adventure, The(2003)
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Kingler's Day(2002)
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Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance(2001)
Terror T.R.A.X.: Track of the Werewolf(2001)

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