Zipper Interactive, Inc.


Zipper Interactive, initially based in Redmond, Washington (USA), was founded by Jim Bosler and Brian Soderberg in 1995. The company focused on developing 3D, real-time action, strategy and simulation games. Several team members were key designers and developers of SIMNET, used by the U.S. military and NATO to simulate realistic missions.

In January 2006 Zipper Interactive was acquired by Sony and became part of the SCE Worldwide Studios group. Zipper Interactive had been working together with Sony since 1999.

In May 2011 the company announced to have laid off around 33 staff. In March 2012 Sony confirmed to have closed the studio. Its last title was Unit 13 for the PS Vita.

David Kern, a principle technical artist at Zipper, and Russ Phillips, Zipper's studio art director, launched the studio nobodinos in April 2012 immediately following the closure.

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