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zushi games ltd.


zushi games ltd. was a game publishing company based in Sheffield, UK. They published titles for PlayStation 2, Xbox, PC, GameBoy Advance, Nintendo DS and Sony PSP. They mainly re-licensed and published products for the European and Asian markets. The company used to be a wholly-owned subsidiary of ZOO Digital Group plc, but became an independent entity in April 2006.

On 23rd April 2008, GreenScreen Interactive Software LLC. announced the completed acquisition of the company, along with Destination Software, Inc. In November 2008, the managers of ZOO Digital Publishing Ltd, Ian Stewart and Barry Hatch, re-took control of the company via a management-buyout.

In the beginning of 2009, GreenScreen Interactive Software LLC. changed its name into Zoo Inc. As a result of this, ZOO Digital Publishing Ltd was from then on known as zushi games ltd.

In April 2008, during the time with GreenScreen, the Zoo Games casual games label emerged. After their regained independence, zushi launched their zushi games label with the same purpose. In addition zushi games distributed some Zoo Inc. games resulting from the re-take deal.

On 18th March 2010 the company went into administration. Former employees set up the UK publishing company Funbox Media and picked up some of zushi's earlier titles.

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