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Buzz Monkey Software, LLC was founded in 2001 by four senior Dynamix employees: Randy Thompson, Jon Milnes, Steve Cordon and Barry Drew. The company offers full game development, ports, and consulting for current- and next-generation consoles. They also have experience with online games and emerging technologies such as SpeedTree foliage generation software, Novodex physics engine/hardware, and the Image Metrics facial motion-capture system.

Since June 2012 the studio belongs to Zynga and was rename Zynga Eugène.

Also Known As

  • Buzz Monkey Software, LLC (from 2001 to Jun, 2012)


Company Location and Contact Information (2008):

Buzz Monkey Software
576 Olive Street, Suite 205
Eugene, OR 97401

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: (541) 484-7030
Fax: (541) 284-1109
Website: http://www.buzzmonkey.com/

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