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Chris Southall

Game Credits (By Role)


Total War: Shogun 2 (2011)   (Technical Director)
Vanquish (2010)   (Technical Producer)


Micro Machines 64 Turbo (1999)   (Track Editors)
Micro Machines V3 (1997)   (Track Editors)


Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (2012)   (Chief Technical Officer)
Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II (2012)   (Technical Director)
Total War Battles: Shogun (2012)   (Technical Director)
Renegade Ops (2011)   (Technical Director)
Sonic CD (2011)   (Technical Director)
Sonic Generations (2011)   (Technical Director)
Thor: God of Thunder (2011)   (Technical Director)
Aliens vs Predator (2010)   (Technical Director)
Alpha Protocol (2010)   (Technical Director)
Football Manager 2011 (2010)   (Technical Director)
Iron Man 2 (2010)   (Technical Director)
Napoleon: Total War (2010)   (Technical Director)
Sonic Classic Collection (2010)   (Technical Director)
Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing (2010)   (Technical Director)
Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing (2010)   (Technical Director)
Empire: Total War (2009)   (SOE Technical Director)
Football Manager 2010 (2009)   (Technical Director)
The House of the Dead: Overkill (2009)   (Technical Director)
Planet 51: The Game (2009)   (Technical Director)
Sonic Unleashed (2008)   (Technical Director)
Viking: Battle for Asgard (2008)   (Chief Technical Director)
Crush (2007)   (Technical Director)
SEGA Rally Revo (2007)   (Head Of Technology)
Colin McRae Rally 2005 (2004)   (Chief Technical Officer)
Soldiers: Heroes of World War II (2004)   (Central Technology)
Colin McRae Rally 04 (2003)   (Programmers)
Colin McRae Rally 3 (2002)   (Programmers)
Colin McRae Rally 2.0 (2000)   (Programmers)
Jet Grind Radio (2000)   (Technical Director)
Crazy Taxi (1999)   (Technical Director)


Planet 51: The Game (2009)   (Technical Director)


Colin McRae Rally 2005 (2004)   (Special Thanks)
Colin McRae Rally 2005 (2004)   (Special Thanks)


Sonic Dash (2013)   (Hardlight Staff)
SEGA Rally Revo (2007)   (Staff)
Colin McRae Rally (1998)   (In alphabetical order)