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Michael Bailey Smith

Game Credits (By Role)


Championship Manager 4 (2003)   (Wales)
Sid Meier's Civilization (1991)   (Design)


Jackie Chan Adventures: Legend of the Dark Hand (2001)   (Programers (Torus))
Space Invaders (1999)   (Programming Team)
The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard (1998)   (Cutscene Animations XL Translab)
Spider-Man 2: The Sinister Six (2001)   (Programers (Torus))


The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (2002)   (Additional Character and Creature Art)
The Simpsons: Night of the Living Treehouse of Horror (2001)   (Additional Art)
Revenant (1999)   (Animators)
Coach K College Basketball (1995)   (Animation)
Star Wars Chess (1993)   (Animators)
Sid Meier's Civilization (1991)   (Art Direction)
Stunts (1990)   (Art)
The Cycles: International Grand Prix Racing (1989)   (Graphics / Artwork)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1989)   (Graphic Artists)
Metal Gear (1987)   (Artists)


Fight Night Champion (2011)   (Key Talent)
Champions: Return to Arms (2005)   (Audio Editing & Support)
Frantix (2005)   (Audio Lead)
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Special Edition) (2005)   (Pedestrian Voices)
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004)   (Pedestrian Voices)
Emperor: Battle for Dune (2001)   (Cast)
Nightcaster: Defeat the Darkness (2001)   (Audio Team)
Clans (1999)   (Voice Talent)
CyberStrike 2 (1998)   (Acting / Voiceovers)
Command & Conquer: Red Alert - The Aftermath (1997)   (Ingame Voices)

Quality Assurance

Command & Conquer: Renegade (2002)   (Install/GUI Specialist (WS QA))
Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge (2001)   (Install /Gui Specialist)
Emperor: Battle for Dune (2001)   (Quality Assurance (Skirmish/Install/GUI Specialist))
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 (2000)   (RA2 Skirmish Lead)
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 (Collector... (2000)   (RA2 Skirmish Lead)
Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun - Firestorm (2000)   (Quality Assurance Testers)
Diablo II (2000)   (Game Testers)
Diablo II (Collector's Edition) (2000)   (Game Testers)
Nox (2000)   (Lead Testers)
Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun (1999)   (Quality Assurance)
Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun (Platinum Edi... (1999)   (Quality Assurance)
Lands of Lore III (1999)   (Test Department Staff)
Recoil (1999)   (Quality Assurance)
Revenant (1999)   (Quality Assurance)
Sports Car GT (1999)   (Quality Assurance)
Battlezone (1998)   (QA Test Team)
Dune 2000 (1998)   (Quality Assurance)
Blade Runner (1997)   (QA Lead)
Command & Conquer: Red Alert - The Aftermath (1997)   (Quality Assurance)
Command & Conquer: Sole Survivor (1997)   (Quality Assurance)
Command & Conquer (Special Gold Edition) (1997)   (Quality Assurance)
Games People Play: Hearts, Spades & Euchre (1997)   (Lead Quality Assurance)
Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny (1997)   (Test Department Staff)
Command & Conquer: Red Alert (1996)   (QA Team)
Command & Conquer (1995)   (QA Team )
God of Thunder (1993)   (Playtesting)
Monopoly (1988)   (QA Lead)

Creative Services

Gunship 2000 (1991)   (Layout)
Sid Meier's Civilization (1991)   (Cover Design)

Customer/Technical Support

EverQuest: The Planes of Power (2002)   (Technical Support Representatives)


Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat (2002)   (Support Specialists)
Dark Reign 2 (2000)   (Visioneers)


Karaoke Revolution Volume 2 (2004)   (Thanks to)
Karaoke Revolution (2003)   (Special Thanks to Logitech)
NASCAR Thunder 2004 (2003)   (Special Thanks)
Jane's Combat Simulations: F/A-18 Simulator (2000)   (Special Thanks)
Falcon 4.0 (1998)   (Special Thanks To)


Castlevania (1986)   (Artists)