User review spotlight: Carmageddon (DOS). Released in 1997.

Phyllis Opolko

Game Credits (By Role)


Achtung Spitfire (1997)   (Production Coordinator)
Defiance (1997)   (Production Coordinator)
Cavewars (1996)   (Production Coordinator)
Over the Reich (1996)   (Production Coordinator)
Third Reich (1996)   (Product Coordination)
Wooden Ships & Iron Men (1996)   (Production Coordination)
1830: Railroads & Robber Barons (1995)   (Production Coordinators)
World at War: Volume II - Stalingrad (1995)   (Production Coordination)
Flight Commander 2 (1994)   (Production Coordination)
Operation Crusader (1994)   (Production Coordination)
Kingmaker (1993)   (Production Coordination)
Legends of the Lost Realm (1989)   (Production Coordinator)
Legends of the Lost Realm II: Wilderlands (1989)   (Production Coordinator)
Dr. Ruth's Computer Game of Good Sex (1986)   (Production Coordinator)
Guderian (1986)   (Production Coordinator)
Darkhorn: Realm of the Warlords (1985)   (Production Coordinator)
Mission on Thunderhead (1985)   (Production Coordinator)
Spitfire '40 (1985)   (Production Coordinator)
Under Fire! (1985)   (Production Coordinator)
Gulf Strike (1984)   (Production Coordinator)
Jupiter Mission 1999 (1984)   (Production Coordinator)
Maxwell Manor (1984)   (Production Coordinator)
Ripper! (1984)   (Production Coordination)
Tsushima (1985)   (Production Coordinator)
Fortress of the Witch King (1983)   (Production Coordination)
Free Trader (1983)   (Production Coordinator)
London Blitz (1983)   (Production Coordination)
Panzer-Jagd (1983)   (Production Coordination)
Bomber Attack (1982)   (Production Coordination)
Midway Campaign (1980)   (Production Coordinator)

Quality Assurance

Fortress of the Witch King (1983)   (Playtesters)
T.G.I.F. (1983)   (Playtesters)


Super Bowl Sunday (1984)   (Prep. Dept. Coordinator)

Creative Services

History of the World (1997)   (Production)
Advanced Civilization (1995)   (Production Coordination)


Clear for Action (1984)   (Production Coordination)