Dan Hay

Developer Biography

Dan Hay is the Executive Producer of Far Cry at Ubisoft Montreal.

He started his career as a digital artist in the television and film industry at DKP in Toronto Canada in 1999. His credits include work on films for 20th Century Fox, Columbia Tri-Star, and Rhino films as well as commercials for Ford, Visa, 3DO, Fisher Price, Nestle, Nabisco, Saab, and Kinder, to name a few.

Dan transitioned from film to games in 2003 when offered the opportunity to be a lead artist/animator on the James Bond Night Fire Cinematics for Electronic Arts. Once he had a game under his belt he was hooked. He moved down to Madison Wisconsin and became the Cinematic Director and Lead Animator on X-men Legends at Ravensoft/Activision. He then became Art Director for X-men Legends 2, Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Wolverine.

Dan moved to Chicago to join Day 1 Studios in 2008 as Producer on Fracture for Lucas Arts, and the Senior Producer on Fear 3 for Warner Brothers.

Dan moved back to Canada in 2011 when offered the chance to lead Far Cry 3.

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