Thomas Carbone

Developer Biography

Thomas Carbone has been in the game industry since 1993, when he left Hughes Aircraft Company and the AMRAAM missile project for Sculptured Software, and the chance to make games for the SEGA Genesis. After Tecmo Super Baseball, Tom moved onto the Sony PlayStation, where he worked on Space Jam.

After completing NHL Breakaway 98, Tom moved on to Kodiak Games, where he was the lead programmer for WCW Mayhem and WCW Backstage Assault for the PlayStation and N64.

After Kodiak, Tom went to Microsoft Game Studios to complete the work he started at Kodiak on Inside Pitch 2003 for the Xbox. Tom left Microsoft in 2003 to start at Electronic Arts as a lead programmer on Madden 2005, as well as Madden 2006 for the Xbox 360.

Since beginning as Technical Director at the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy at UCF, Tom has continued to contribute at EA to Superman, as well as Madden 2008 for the Xbox 360.

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