Cari Begle

Developer Biography

Cari Begle has lived in Michigan all of her life. When she was a junior at Lawrence Technological University, she found out about a local company called Stardock Systems that was looking for interns to work on computer games. This came as a surprise, because not only was Stardock one of the few tech companies in Michigan not tied to the car industry, but at the time, it was located only five minutes from her parents' house. Cari was hired as an intern at Stardock for the summer of 2000, and she continued to work at Stardock part-time over the next semester. After she graduated in December 2000 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Stardock hired Cari full-time and she continues to work there.

Contributed by CariElf (2) on Nov 13, 2006.