Nelson Plumey

Developer Biography

Nelson R. Plumey is a Puertorican Illustrator turned video game artist. He obtained a Fine Art Illustration Bachelors degree from Ringling College of Art, in 1993, and began making games in July 6 2000. After working as an Art Director for "Barry Manilow's" magazine “Barrygram”, Nelson decided to change careers.

“I found a job ad looking for a game producer, at this newly put together video game company in Santa Monica, called 7 Studios. I always loved video games, so wanted to try the industry. So I decided to send them my 2D Portfolio, wary that it probably would not work, since they did not have a position listed for Illustrators. But I said, I have nothing to lose.. right? So I did not hear back from them for like 4 days or so. Then the phone rang, and on the Line there was the CEO of 7 Studio, Lewis Peterson. He said that he liked my work, but was wondering if I had any 3D training/work to show him. I did not. I have never mess around with the software. So as expected, he said “well thanks for your time”. Bummed from the call, I figure I would have to stay working on the magazine, as it did not look like they would take an Illustrator to make video games (which at the time seem totally understandable), Then a week later the phone rang again, Lewis Peterson… again..."Hi, We spoke about a week ago about your work, and we like it a lot, you don’t have any 3D software experience correct?" I kind of giggle and reply "no sorry a week is not enough to learn it" So he said " well, we like your stuff, and we think that a person with a strong traditional art background, like yourself could be turned into a 3D artist easier than most. Would you like to work for us, if we will train you?" I was in awe, as this was a great, and unique opportunity to get in”.

“So I took the trial position, starting at a super low salary, but I didn't care because I was learning something new. A few months after that I got a raise, and 6 months after that I got another one. I worked at 7 Studios for about 7 years. In those years I worked as a Jr. Artist, then as a Environment Artist,after that as a Lead Environment Artist, and Lastly as a Lead Artist.”

I left 7 Studios on April 4 2007, worked at Obsidian Entertainment for 5 years after that, and I have been at Treyarch Studios since 2012 now as Lead Environment Artist.

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