Paul Steed

Developer Biography

Paul Steed is an industry veteran games artist that has been an Art Director, Game Designer, 3D modeler/Animator, Creative Director, CCO, President, GM and Game Director.

Paul worked at Origin in the early to mid 90's before going to Id Software, where he was the modeling and animation department for the Quake franchise. He has also spent time at Iguana Entertainment, Virgin Interactive and WildTangent in addition to freelance and contracts stints.

He is a published author that has written three books (one revised) on character modelling and animation as well as a frequent speaker and advisory Board member for the Game Developer's Conference.

Recently, Paul worked in the technology group for Microsoft's Xbox as Creative Director helping launch Xbox 360 and XNA then spent a year as the Creative Director for publisher Atari, Inc.

After Atari Steed spent 5 years as CCO and President of the art outsource company he founded: Exigent with studios in New Delhi, Shanghai and now Nanjing.

In late 2010 he started a small studio for UTV Ignition in Austin, Texas serving as GM and Game Director for an unannounced UE3 FPS that the publisher abruptly shut down in July of 2011.

On August 11, 2012, Paul Steed passed away.

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