How do you play retro games?

Brian Carlson

Developer Biography

Brian has filled many roles in the game industry as an assistant producer, game designer, sound designer and test engineer. In his free time he is an artist and home recording enthusiast.

He has worked for many Salt Lake City based studios, including Acclaim Entertainment, 8-bit Games, Indie Built, Take-Two Interactive, Headgate Studios, Sensory Sweep, EA Salt Lake and Seven(7) Studios before it was acquired by Activision. In 2011 he relocated to Portland, Oregon and worked as a vendor for Microsoft Game Studios, as a Test Engineer on many titles for the Kinect including Double Fine Happy Action Theater and Kinect Nat Geo TV. After his adventure in the Pacific Northwest, he moved to Germany in 2012 as an architect and designer to begin work on new IP for a mobile application developer, focusing on augmented reality games and tools for iOS and Android platforms.

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