Patrice Désilets

Developer Biography

Patrice Désilets was Ubisoft's creative director for Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. His success with Prince of Persia came after a long history with Ubisoft's Montreal studio, as one of its first employees.

Coming from a background in film, he was involved with many games, including Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3, Disney's Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers and Hype: The Time Quest.

Désilets, born and raised in Montreal, earned his bachelor’s degree in film studies and literature at University of Montreal. In 2007 he was the creative director on Assassin's Creed, a series he created. After thirteen years with the company he quit in May 2010. He had been working on Assassin's Creed games for six years and the series' producer Vincent Pontbriand said "Désilets just needed a break".

In October 2010 however THQ revealed they hired Désilets to found a new studio in Montréal, Canada. Ubisoft filed suit to prevent him from working for THQ, but in December 2011 an appeals court for Quebec overturned that injunction, finding that THQ's pursuit of former Ubisoft employees was not bound by any non-compete clauses in their contracts.

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