Caryl D. Shaw

Developer Biography

Caryl Shaw is currently the Founder of Tower of Robots, a consulting company in San Francisco, California, providing production and project management services to game and app developers.

Prior to ToR, Caryl was an Executive Producer at KIXEYE and ngmoco:) where she was responsible for building and managing iPhone and iPad applications as fun and profitable games and services. Earlier in her video games career, Caryl was a Senior Producer at EA/Maxis and worked on The Sims, SimCity and Spore franchises as the Lead Online Producer. And way back in the first dot-com boom, she worked at a variety of internet start-ups managing online communities and content websites starting back in '95. She even worked for a company that made Enterprise Business Software at one point, but what's the fun in that?

She's spoken internationally about a range of topics including: Running a Live Mobile Game, Lessons Learned Making a Social Game for Facebook and Putting User-Generated Content to Work in Video Games.

Her favorite spirit is Breaking and Entering Bourbon.

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