Jeff Kliment

Developer Biography

Jeff Kliment started working for LucasArts in 1996 as a Sound Designer. His first assignment was Outlaws, where he assisted with various audio tasks and created most of the weapon sounds for that title. He served as a Lead Sound Designer on Star Wars Rebellion, Grim Fandango, Star Wars Racer, and Star Wars Pit Droids.

In the spring of 2000, Jeff was promoted to the position of Sound Department Manager, a position he still holds as of Sept. 2003.

(Quoted from Interview on Mix 'n Mojo)
"Hi... I am the Sound Department Manager at LucasArts. My department is responsible for creating sound and music assets and making sure that they are incorporated into our games in the best possible way. We work closely with the rest of the development team, including programmers, artists, and level designers, towards the main goal of producing a great sounding game.

I got started in audio at San Francisco State University in 1979, where I got a BA in Creative Arts. I studied studio recording as well as film post-production and other related subject. I also worked as an AV technician in the Student Union in a work-study program.

While I was still enrolled at SFSU I got a job at Russian Hill Recording in San Francisco. I stayed at Russian Hill for fifteen years working as an engineer. There, I had the good fortune to work on a wide variety of recording and post-production projects with some amazing people. During that time I also worked as a live sound mixer for several different bands.

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