Nars Del Rosario

Developer Biography

An avid gamer since childhood, Nars del Rosario began his career ties with the industry as a journalist with El Vaquero in Glendale, California in 1993. As the entertainment editor and reporter, he had written reviews on different titles and peripherals for the major consoles.

In the following years, he became a salesperson for video game retailers before landing his first industry employment as a Quality Assurance tester at THQ Inc. Nars del Rosario has held different positions while in the industry from tester to assistant lead to technical requirements group tester at different publishing houses. With a catalog of titles under his belt, Nars del Rosario has had experience with all the major consoles such as the Nintedo Wii, Microsoft Xbox 360, the Sony PlayStation series, and handheld consoles and devices since the Super Nintendo and Game Boy eras.

With experience in the interactive entertainment industry that spans over a decade, Nars del Rosario is currently a Technical Requirements Group tester at Konami Digital Entertainment.

Companies: Planet X (video game retailer) Game Dude (video game retailer) THQ Inc. 2K Games Activision Blizzard (formerly Vivendi Games) Konami Digital Entertainment

Credited Aliases: Nars Rosario, Nars DelRosario, and Nars delRosarito.

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