Sukhbir Sidhu

Developer Biography

As Head of Production for PopCap Games, Sukhbir helps set content strategy and oversees game development and testing at the company’s main studios in Seattle and San Francisco.

Prior to joining PopCap as employee #8 in 2002, he was a senior game producer at Electronic Arts, where he oversaw the development of numerous casual games for that leading entertainment software publisher.

Previously, he spent more than five years helping build and its previous incarnations, Total Entertainment Network and Optigon Interactive, into the largest casual games site in the world. During that time, Sukhbir focused on UI design, game design, a range of community features and an overarching rankings and tournament infrastructure for the nascent casual games audience.

Sukhbir has nearly twelve years of online game development experience, and has been focused on Internet game design and multiplayer online gaming for as long as the Web has existed.

Contributed by Jeanne (76520) on Apr 28, 2006.