Brian Fehdrau

Developer Biography

Brian Fehdrau has been working for Microsoft as a senior software design engineer since April 2010. Previously he also worked as a senior software engineer on various titles at Griptonite Games (July 2009 - March 2009), Foundation 9 Entertainment (January 2007 - March 2010) and Amaze Entertainment (June 2002 - March 2010), all three owned by the same company. Before that he was a lead programmer at Boss Game Studios (April 1996 - June 2002) and Square Soft, Inc. (July 1993 - April 1996). He started in the games industry by founding the shareware company Anarchy Road Software in 1987 and programmed at it for six years until 1993. It published several screen savers, utilities, and a FidoNet-equipped bulletin board for the Amiga. With Anarchy he earned less than $10,000, but it got him through college as he graduated with a B.Sc in Computational Science at the University of Saskatchewan in 1992.

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