Richard Underhill

Developer Biography

Richard started in the industry in the early 80's working as a freelance programmer on many 8-bit games. After forming professional relationships with some of the major publishers of the day, he eventually joined Elite Systems' in-house team in 1987. After nearly two years there, he left with three other like-minded individuals to found 'Arc Developments which went on to produce many acclaimed licensed, original and coin-op conversions on a plethora of platforms until it closed its doors in 1997.

Richard moved to a pure Production focused role at Psygnosis' Camden Town studio in 1997, before moving on to a short stint at Climax as a hand-held programmer.

Joining Kuju in 2001, Richard rose up the ranks to Executive Producer, working on some of that company's top titles from the Surrey studio. Richard's final game for Kuju was the acclaimed Geometry Wars Galaxies on Wii and DS, during which he helped set up the new doublesix studio formed from the old Kuju Surrey group.

Having left Kuju in early 2008, Richard went on to work as Executive Producer at Empire Interactive until its dissolution. In July 2009 it was announced he had joined the newly-established Zoo Entertainment Europe Limited as the Development Manager.

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