Robb Waters

Developer Biography

Robb's career in games began after answering an ad from Looking Glass Technologies in 1993. Initially, he attended Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan and graduated with a BFA in Illustration. His gaming background originally was non-existent, outside of growing up with Atari and playing an occasional game of Tron, until he became involved in the original System Shock at Looking Glass Studios. In addition to designing quite a few of the Shock baddies, including Shodan, Deago, the Cortex Reaver and a puss-headed mutant, he also produced textures, models and conceptual work for Terra Nova, Star Trek Voyager (which was cancelled), and Thief. For Robb, working on Thief was a great experience because he was given the freedom to design and create all of the characters from scratch and to help establish the look of the game. He is currently the conceptual artist for Freedom Force. Comic books and superheroes have always been his first love, so obviously he's having a blast designing all the heroes and villains for the game.

Source: Selected articles from Irrational Games Official Website - Company - Boston Studios - Boston Team

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