Randall Breen

Developer Biography

Randy directs all game development for LucasArts. Following a productive restructuring of the internal development organization, he has focused the company's resources on the creation of quality games for emerging platforms.

In his tenure, LucasArts has built collaborative relationships with premier game developers, whose expertise complements the talents on the internal teams and whose vision reflects the strategic goals of the company.

Randy joined LucasArts in 2000 after distinguished career in software development at Electronic Arts (EA). His years there as a Producer, Designer, Creative Director, and Executive Producer were marked by a succession of critically-acclaimed, award winning titles, including Road Rash, Road Rash II, Road Rash 3DO, Kasparov's Gambit, and Little Big Adventure. The Road Rash franchise, which Randy designed and managed, has to date sold more than four million units and produced in excess of $100 million in revenue.

Source: Selected articles from LucasArts official company website


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