Julian Gollop

Developer Biography

To correct the biography currently listed, Julian has been credited on video games since 1983. Here's a complete list from his website at www.codogames.com - Time Lords (1983), Islandia (1984), Nebula (1984), Chaos (1984), Rebelstar Raiders (1986), Rebelstar II (1988), Laser Squad (1988), Lords Of Chaos (1990), X-Com: UFO: Enemy Unknown (1994), X-Com: Terror From The Deep (1994), X-Com: Apocalypse (1997), Magic And Mayhem (1998), Laser Squad Nemesis (2002).

Many people also consider Julian to be one of the greatest strategic innovators in video gaming over the last 15 to 20 years.

Contributed by Joseph Numpty (3) on Nov 03, 2003.