John Scott

Developer Biography

After graduating from Imperial College of Science and Technology in 1988, John Scott went to work for Teque Software Development (later known as Krisalis Software) in Rotherham, UK. His most notable games written during his two years there were Laser Squad for the Amiga and ST and Manchester United I and II for the Commodore 64.

After this, John formed CTA Developments with Mr. R. Cheek near Bristol, UK, a company most known for its Sleepwalker game for Comic Relief, although they did release many other titles. CTA disbanded in late 1996 after the release of Cheesy on the PSX.

John then chose to move to PC development, and joined Raven Software in February 1997, where he has been very happy ever since. John was here for the duration of Heretic II, and Soldier of Fortune. John is fond of real ales, paintballing, Gothic and Industrial music, IRC, and eating out.

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