Aaron Walz

Developer Biography

Aaron Walz is the owner and lead composer, sound designer & producer for Walz Music. He has been playing piano, singing, composing music and enjoying video games since he was one digit old. He received a Nintendo Entertainment System as a Christmas present and was obsessed, especially with RPG’s. He used to sit in one area of a game to listen to the music until he could sing it and play it on the piano. He learned how to use the computer to write and orchestrate MIDI, a computer-based music language.

Aaron attended Sonoma State University for his music degree and started a website called Aaron Walz’s MIDI Home (now www.midishack.net) in 1998 to offer game music MIDI files. He sequenced many tunes by ear and offered them for free. He also included some of his originals for download and usage in freeware games, and to his surprise, people started emailing and hiring him for custom music freelance work. The site became the #1 Game MIDI download site for several years.

Aaron and his award-winning team of artists are responsible for the soundtrack for the Amaranth Games hit, Aveyond, which won Game Tunnel’s Sound of the Year in 2006. The game features an acoustic orchestrated symphonic soundtrack. Walz Music has also been responsible for an assortment of mobile games, Aveyond 2, Yummy Drink Factory, Hardwood Hearts, which was also nominated for Best Independent Game at the Independent Game Festival (IDF), part of Microsoft's Game Developers' Conference (GDC).

Aaron & Walz Music have produced four CD Albums for various artists including a video game cover band and dance project, nR Element, which is signed to Akyr Music, Italy, but is popular in Japan, like eurobeat and the interactive game Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) Music.

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